I research and visit the best restaurants alone or with the hungries, an international exclusive group. Being a food critic local authority on the french riviera, I've been featured in Nice-Matin for the Antibes Insider guidebook.

This is my top 50 restaurants ranking as of 18th April 2022. The list is split in three tiers and sorted by alphabetical order:

Top 10

Amass, Copenhagen, Denmark
Central, Lima, Peru
Geranium, Copenhagen, Denmark
La palme d'or, Cannes, France
La passagère, Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France
Louis XV, Monaco
Maaemo, Oslo, Norway
Mazzia, Marseille, France
Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
Spectrum, Amsterdam, Netherland


Agrikultur, Stockholm, Sweden
Alouette, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ekstedt, Stockholm, Sweden
Gastrologik, Stockholm, Sweden
Kontrast, Oslo, Norway
Jan, Nice, France
Katla, Oslo, Norway
La chèvre d'or, Èze, France
Le chantecler, Nice, France
Les pêcheurs, Cap d'Antibes, France
Louroc, Cap d'Antibes, France
Mirazur, Menton, France
Rest, Oslo, Norway
Sushi Sho, Stockholm, Sweden
Tim Raue, Berlin, Germany


Barr, Copenhagen, Denmark
Barrels, Stockholm, Sweden
Côté terroir, Antibes, France
Djuret, Stockholm, Sweden
Flaveur, Nice, France
Flippin burger, Stockholm, Sweden
Kjolle, Lima, Peru
L'arazur, Antibes, France
Le 44, Antibes, France
Le figuier saint-esprit, Antibes, France
Le p'tit cageot, Antibes, France
Le safranier, Antibes, France
Le vauban, Antibes, France
Les vieux murs, Antibes, France
Lilla ego, Stockholm, Sweden
Maido, Lima, Peru
Maison Bacon, Cap d'Antibes, France
Mamo, Antibes, France
Mayta, Lima, Peru
Mogg, Berlin, Germany
Selma, Copenhagen, Denmark
TAK, Stockholm, Sweden
The bird, Berlin, Germany
The hairy pig, Stockholm, Sweden
Toshi sushi, Vancouver, Canada