You can find resources about tennis, restaurants and cybersecurity on my personal webpage.
I am a product security architect and security champions coach at Fortinet.
In spare time, I'm training at the Mouratoglou tennis academy.

Why cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a computer science field with practically unlimited growth.
In front of the computer screen, I'm in a positive mental state of being completely absorbed, focused, involved in a continuous loop of problems solving and the time fly. I feel creative, productive and happy. As a security champion coach, sharing knowledge allows to accelerate personal development of people and myself. This is why I love it!
Finally, the cybersecurity field has a real impact on our society. It has impacts that extend beyond the digital world and into the physical one.

We are no longer securing computers. We are securing the society.

Why tennis?

It has been proven by a study from Denmark that people who play tennis may extend your life by nearly ten years. Tennis will also improve you physically. It's the ultimate fitness. It works almost all the body and extremely cardio. Mentally wise, tennis is about problem solving which is the perfect continuation with my job in cybersecurity.
Finally, tennis is one of the unique sport that totally clear your mind. I'm sure you have run on a treadmill or outside and you have a million thoughts. It's impossible to clear your mind but when you play tennis, because you are focused on the ball, focused on the game, you completely forget about everything and your mind is completely free.

Yours respectfully,
Fran├žois Ropert